Alternate Dispute Resolution

Several of our attorneys are skilled mediators. As neutral third-parties, they assist disputants achieve a successful resolution to their litigated claims.
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Appeals and Writs

Appealing unfavorable outcomes in state and federal trial courts and from state and federal agencies.
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Business Acquisition/Disposition

When buying/selling a business and/or significant business assets, or when transferring operational control and management of a business, employers and investors must navigate compliance with numerous employment and labor laws.
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Employment Litigation

Litigating the spectrum of employment and litigation matters, on either an individual or class action basis.
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Employer Advice and Problem Solving

Assisting clients with avoiding problems, rather than reacting to crises, or attorneys assist and advise employers.
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Government Agency Investigations

Federal, state, and local government agencies – such as the Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Occupational Safety & Health Administration – continue to expand their role over employers.
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Labor Management Relations

A full range of services for both our unionized and non-unionized clients.
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Management Training

Interactive training tailored to the individual needs of our clients, so that supervisors and managers are able to understand their rights and obligations.
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Trade Secret and Unfair Competition Law

The theft of trade secrets or confidential business information and other unfair competition actions may be devastating to an employer.
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Wage and Hour Law

In recent years wage and hour law has become the largest area of claims and potential liability for employers.
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